Simon Quadrat (b. 1946)
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Back Street Boys by Simon  Quadrat
Back Street Boys. 2016/18
Circus Horse Dances the Polka  by Simon  Quadrat
Circus Horse Dances the Polka . 2017
Couple by an Arch by Simon  Quadrat
Couple by an Arch. 2018
Forgotten Harbour by Simon  Quadrat
Forgotten Harbour. circa 2015
Girl at the Piano by Simon  Quadrat
Girl at the Piano. 2010 Sold
Landscape with Tower & Radio by Simon  Quadrat
Landscape with Tower & Radio. 2014
Man in Bowler Hat by Simon  Quadrat
Man in Bowler Hat. 2018 Sold
Punch & Judy by the Lighthouse by Simon  Quadrat
Punch & Judy by the Lighthouse. 2017
River Landscape with Kilns by Simon  Quadrat
River Landscape with Kilns. 2016 Sold
Sea Front by Simon  Quadrat
Sea Front. 2011
Shooting Gallery by Simon  Quadrat
Shooting Gallery. 2017
Small Circus Painting <br/.> with Mannequin by Simon  Quadrat
Small Circus Painting
with Mannequin. 2018

Small Marionette Theatre by Simon  Quadrat
Small Marionette Theatre. 2014/17
Snack Bar by Simon  Quadrat
Snack Bar. 2004
Snooker Players by Simon  Quadrat
Snooker Players. 2017
Still Life on a Grey Table by Simon  Quadrat
Still Life on a Grey Table. 2010 Sold
Strange Couple by Simon  Quadrat
Strange Couple. 2017
The Annual Regatta of Toy Battleships by Simon  Quadrat
The Annual Regatta of Toy Battleships. 2014 Sold
The Cheap Suit Seller by Simon  Quadrat
The Cheap Suit Seller. 2018 Sold
The Dark Buildings by Simon  Quadrat
The Dark Buildings. 2017 Sold
The Old Champ by Simon  Quadrat
The Old Champ. 2017
The Red Battleship by Simon  Quadrat
The Red Battleship. 2012 Sold
The Street at Night by Simon  Quadrat
The Street at Night. 2018 Sold
The Yellow Bench by Simon  Quadrat
The Yellow Bench. 2017 Sold
View through a Window by Simon  Quadrat
View through a Window. 2018 Sold
Waiting by the Fish Stall by Simon  Quadrat
Waiting by the Fish Stall. 2018
Young Man With Striped Scarf by Simon  Quadrat
Young Man With Striped Scarf. 2008 Sold


Simon Quadrat was born in London in 1946, the son of German Jewish refugees. He obtained a law degree at Bristol University in 1967, was called to the Bar in 1969 and was a member of the Inner Temple until 1985. Quadrat had always painted and by 2000 resolved to do so full-time. He completed the three-month foundation course at the Slade Summer School. From about 2000 Quadrat has exhibited in one-man shows in London, Bristol, Bath and Cambridge and also in numerous group exhibitions. His solo shows include three with JHW Fine Art, London ( 2003, 2005, 2007) and more recently three with Panter & Hall, London (2009, 2011, 2014). In 2004 Quadrat was elected an Academician of the Royal West of England Academy and subsequently became President of the RWA. Simon and his wife Jenny now live in Aldbourne, Wiltshire, a beautiful downland village.