Neil Wood (b. 1963)
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72. Figure II by Neil Wood
72. Figure II. 2019
73. Grower I by Neil Wood
73. Grower I. 2019
Family Group No. 1 by Neil Wood
Family Group No. 1. 2019
Father and Child by Neil Wood
Father and Child. 2018
Grower II by Neil Wood
Grower II. 2019
Mother and Child by Neil Wood
Mother and Child. 2017
Restrained by Neil Wood
Restrained. 2018
Running Children by Neil Wood
Running Children. 2018
Strangers Not Strangers I by Neil Wood
Strangers Not Strangers I. 2020
Strangers Not Strangers II by Neil Wood
Strangers Not Strangers II. 2020
The Dance by Neil Wood
The Dance. 2017


Neil Wood is a professional sculptor and fine artist with over 20 years experience and many years experience teaching and lecturing in fine art and sculpture. His creative output varies from the purely abstract to the naturalistic, but always with an emphasis on quality. His work is often experimental, exploring formal qualities and visual language as a means of expressing often complex ideas about the world we inhabit and the nature of human experience.

Neil’s work ranges from small gallery pieces to large scale public and corporate commissions. He has worked in various settings: in education, as Artist in Residence and visiting lecturer.

In recent years his practice has concentrated on the human form, expressed in a semi-abstract way by constructing and manipulating steel, stainless steel and bronze. Recent work has seen a return to the more traditional methods of modelling and casting alongside his work in metals.

His current body of work ‘REFUGEE’ builds on the processes and aesthetic of past work but is a direct personal response to various conflicts and humanitarian crisis worldwide. It's a critique of governments and regimes complicit in the injustices, oppression and cruelty inflicted on the underprivileged and dispossessed.