Eric Malthouse (1914 - 1997)
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Parked in Space by Eric Malthouse
Parked in Space. 1967 Sold


A painter, muralist, printmaker, illustrator and teacher, Malthouse was born in Birmingham and lived in Barry, South Glamorgan. He studied at Birmingham College of Art, 1931-7. His murals included Wales Gas Board and University Hall, both Cardiff and 1963. Malthouse lectured at Cardiff College of Art, 1944-73. He was a founder of the South Wales Group, 1949, founder of the 56 Group in 1956, and was elected to the Printmakers’ Council in 1971. Group exhibitions included Artists’ International Association, Welsh Arts Council and Royal National Eisteddfod. Solo shows began with Civic Playhouse, Bradford, 1938, later ones included Oriel Gallery, Cardiff and Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, both 1981. National Museum of Wales and Welsh Arts Council in Cardiff hold examples.